Ergun Caner



When a liar knowingly tells an outright lie to another person, it must automatically follow that the liar takes that person for a fool. If he continues lying to that person, come what may, for over a decade,it must be the case that he must take the person for an imbecile. A person who takes another person for an imbecile must also automatically disrespect that person. One cannot take someone else for an imbecile and respect them at the same time. The two are mutually exclusive.

This means that his mother, brothers, wife, kids, friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-authors, sponsors, co-workers, associates, staff, students, editors, publishers, video editors, video publishers, video distributors, promoters, agents, managers, congregations, acquaintances, readers, viewers and fans, every interviewer, colleague, employer, pastor, church, congregation, conference delegate, convention audience – absolutely everyone that Erjuuuuiiiun Mehemaaaat Jiuuuvaani Jiuuuuuneeeer (as he sometimes calls himself), the “trained”, “Istanbul-born”, “Cairo and Beirut -trained”, “ex-terrorist”, “ex-Muslim” son of an “Islamic Leader” and a “veiled mother” has ever tried to spin his web of deceit around has been totally disrespected and taken for an utter imbecile by the ‘great’ man.

Since Christian doctrine strictly forbids “bearing false witness” (lying), bearing false witness in the name of Jesus Christ must also be disrespecting what he is meant to take as holy scripture, the Word of God.

Lying is a very slippery slope. It is borne of human failings. It is a habit of the weak willed and the insecure. If he has been weak-willed and insecure enough to lie about the enormous thing that is meant to be at the very core of his existence, then we can only imagine what other large, medium and smaller lies and deceptions he may have told and perpetrated in other areas of his private and public life. Habits are, by definition, difficult to give up. Imagine how many lies the man must have told in his lifetime?

The only reason he can have for not admitting his deceptions and apologizing to everyone he has deceived, disrespected, used and taken for imbeciles, seeking their forgiveness, must be that his ego is more precious to him than even the combined value of those many thousands of people impacted by his lies. His ego must mean more to him than evangelism, than ministry, than training pastors, than saving souls, than Christianity, even (dare I say it) than Jesus Christ himself, if even his devotion to what he purports to have committed his life to, is not strong enough to overcome the urge to protect his own ego and seek redemption.

Even if he were to confess, apologize and seek forgiveness now, how could anyone unequivocally believe him to be being sincere about it, with the sheer volume and long history of self- serving insincerity, deception and dishonesty that he has behind him?

Evangelism can only have validity if it is manifest that it is God who calls an evangelist into ministry. Caner has now demonstrated to the entire world, that it can sometimes take an entire decade to tell if an evangelist was called to ministry by God or whether the evangelist just woke up one day and decided to appoint himself to minister to others under nobody’s authority but his own.

He cannot possibly care whether any Muslims are saved (all he ever does is heap insult, hate-filled venom and lies on them – including his father and his entire Turkish bloodline, by the way). Similarly he cannot care whether any evangelists he trained or any Christians he ministered to are saved. The only logical conclusion it’s possible to draw is that he cannot even genuinely care whether he himself is saved. The importance of his ego and his bank account must far outweigh the significance to him of the saving of anybody’s soul.

Do not worry about his defenders. Each and every time they defend him, they also unwittingly condemn themselves, because in doing so, unfortunately, they unknowingly confirm themselves, in the specific estimation of the very person they choose to defend, as imbeciles who fail to merit Caner’s own reciprocal respect.


Greetings Luther,

My “true thoughts and feelings” were actually contained in my previous comment.

Let me tease them out for you, if I may.

Obviously one is not in possession of all the private facts but the evidence would appear to indicate that this has all the makings of a pair of weak-willed and insecure individuals unable to prevent themselves succumbing to the temptation of Mammon and then lacking the strength of purpose to use the only viable exit door available to them – the one marked redemption.

The transition from E. Michael Caner before 2001 to Ergun Mehmet Caner, after 9/11, would appear to indicate a path traveled from being self-conscious and embarrassed about one’s true identity to an over-amplified and over-blown, very public and somewhat disingenuous rejection of that self-same identity, fueled at least in part by the temptation of Mammon.

The saddest thing is that, without the lies, there is, in all likelihood, an eminently believable, simple, genuine tale of a failed marriage, a broken home, an unhappy atmosphere, a burdened soul, a confused identity and an unfulfilled hunger to belong that all combined to trigger a search for meaning that ultimately led Ergun and Emir to the Church. The problem is that, for the independent observer, the impenetrably thick fog of lies render the discernment, identification and isolation of any indisputable truths at all in this unhappy narrative a less than straight forward task.

As previously stated, these are human failings, reflective of the imperfections of the human condition. Any duty that attaches to a sincere, well-meaning, independent observer of events is limited to prayer for their eventual redemption and a genuine effort to make some form of contribution to the efforts of those urging fellows-in-faith who have strayed from the straight path towards introspection and an awareness of the intractability of the difficult road they have chosen to travel.

I hope that answers your question.

I wonder if you were aware that your question triggers an interesting side debate. There are three Caner brothers. Has it ever occurred to you why so little mention is made of Erdem Caner?

Luther Stapleton

It was not hard to discern your true thoughts :) I have never read much at all about the other Caner brother, but a best guess would be because he keeps a low profile and may even be honest.


Bennett Willis says:

Perhaps the conversation between Ergun and Emir went something like this.
Ergun: You should have been there little brother. They were eating out of the palm of my hand.
Emir: But you told them a lot of things that simply were not true.
Ergun: But they are too stupid to check. They believe whatever they are told.
Emir: But you still lied.
Ergun: Little brother, you can come along for one fine ride or you can not. It is up to you, but I guarantee that they won’t ever check and it will do find. …

Who knows what came next but we know what happened. It has been a fine ride and Emir has gotten off pretty much free–with the possible issues of living a lie being ignored.


Gary says:

I think you meant the conversation between Ergun and Erdem but I agree that your amusing imagined dialogue makes for a very plausible scenario. Boldly maintaining a deception in the face of a dubious public audience cannot be an easy proposition and not everyone would be capable of pulling it off. Emir does not seem to be as much of a publicity-seeker and as unapologetic a liar as Ergun but has occasionally shared platforms and interviews with him and jointly written books with him, without ever quite disowning any of the fabricated family history claimed by Ergun. Erdem appears to have chosen to distance himself from the controversy, stay out of the limelight and remain resolutely silent on all issues. Let’s hope Erdem not jumping on the family bandwagon is his quiet way of conveying his disapproval of his bothers’ immorality.

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